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I am located at Hampstead Drive Medical Centre, in the West of Melbourne.


Please call for your first appointment. Subsequent follow-up appointments can be booked online. Phone consults are also available for follow-up.

Functional Medicine Fees and length of appointments may differ from general Medicare Billings. Please enquire when first making an appointment.


When booking your appointment, please be sure to specify that you’d like a

Functional Medicine Appointment.


By doing so, we can ensure that your visit is tailored to your needs and that it includes a thorough discussion of the functional medicine aspects of managing thyroid and other issues, providing a holistic approach that extends

beyond the scope of a standard Medicare consult


If you book a normal Medicare consult, I will not be able to discuss the functional medicine approach to address your thyroid issues.


My practice is located at:

Hampstead Drive Medical Centre,

and my dedicated reception team is ready to assist you with your booking needs.


To schedule your appointment, please call my receptionist at 03-97488266.

They will be able to help you to determine if it is a ‘normal’ Medicare consult or a Functional Medicine consult.


They will guide you through available times and any information you need to prepare

for your visit.


2 Hampstead Drive, Hoppers Crossing, Victoria 3029

(03 97488266)