You already suffer from fatigue and the extra weight that you have to carry around makes you extra tired.

Do you find it hard to lose weight even though you exercise 3-4 times per week, and you eat a pretty good nutritious diet?

But when you see your doctor, they say ‘oh! Your sugar’s fine! You don’t have diabetes!’

But you have researched and know that you need to check your blood insulin levels to know if you have insulin resistance, but no one will listen to you.

If only someone would do the right blood test and ‘diagnose your insulin resistance’ then you will be able to overcome your fatigue and weight issues.

You cut down on your carbs because you know it feeds sugar for your body.

You start doing more resistance training as that ‘burns more’.

But do you realize that fructose, sugar mostly found in fruits, or ‘hidden’ in processed foods as ‘high fructose corn syrup’ can trigger insulin resistance more than ‘glucose’ from carbs can?

Do you know how much fructose (in grams) should you limit yourself to, daily?

Do you know if you don’t address the high insulin in your blood, and they don’t fall to a certain level, you can do everything right, but you can never lose weight?

Because your cells become ‘stubborn’ or ‘resistant’ when Insulin tells them to take the glucose in your body as fuel and make energy.

So, when you eat, your cells in your body don’t convert it to ‘fuel’ so you are constantly tired.

Your pancreas keeps pumping out insulin because you are constantly eating fructose, and there are high levels in your body, after years of doing this, your pancreas starts to fail. In a few years, you will develop Diabetes

When the sugar is just laying around in your bloodstream and not taken up by your cells, your body will store this excess sugar into fat, so that’s why you can’t seem to lose weight.

Does the above describe you and your fatigue?

Could this be the reason why you are so tired all the time?

Do you think it’s time to address your fatigue and find out if insulin resistance might be one of the causes that no one has thought about before?